Due to tier 3 restrictions, we will be closed until further notice. We hope to see you all soon.

Please always read the information fully

update: 1st January 2021

New Rules (Covid-19)

Customers must:

*Stay away if any of their party has any of the symptoms of covid 19

* phone in advance to book into a session

*pay by card for that session at the time of booking (non refundable)

*Keep 2m apart when queueing to enter

*hand sanitise on the way in

*wear face masks on entering/exiting and whilst walking around (everyone over the age of 11years)

*keep your children’s shoes and leave at your table

*sit 2m apart from other groups

*Stick rigidly to your 2 hour play slot

*food and drink are banned from all parts of the play equipment

*use hand sanitiser regularly and wash hands regularly and encourage your children to do so

*leave all rubbish at your table

*abide by normal play centre rules

*heed staff advice on complying with rules, non compliant customer will be asked to leave

We must:

*carry out risk assessments and put measures in place to protect customers

*clearly define routes and zones

*sterilize the play equipment between sessions and at the beginning/end of the day

*reduce the risk to customers from staff and equipment

*provide a safe environment that is clean and clear of germs

*put measures in place and adhere to them

*sign everything clearly so that customers can easily follow new proceedures

*clean, clear and sterilize every chair and table after use

We will open every day at 9.30, but we will close early and this will depend on how many customers come in. Please call 01905 424766 if you have any questions.

We do not accept any responsibility for incorrect information on third party websites.

If you have any queries, please call 01905 424766.